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It's easy to forget but before the F-series Ford truck was born in 1947, eventually becoming the best-selling pickup in the United States, Ford also made trucks. In fact, the company had been making trucks since 1917, when it introduced its Model TT, a variation on the Model T car.

In 1932, Ford produced a new type of truck. To compete against General Motors, Ford made its newly designed flathead V-8 available in the truck. One of the most important changes was the motor. In the years that followed, the company added notable styling changes to the grille, fenders and other areas. This Ford truck era ended in 1947 with the death of company patriarch Henry Ford.

Collectible Classics

Ford trucks made from 1932 to 1947 rank among the most collectible automobiles ever made. Whether you are a collector seeking to restore yours, an enthusiast making repairs for that next club meet or show or a street rodder thinking about a performance upgrade, Mac's Auto Parts stocks an extensive selection of early Ford V-8 truck air and fuel system parts.

When you browse these pages, you will discover more than a thousand of these products. You can get all the simple, inexpensive hardware and accessories you need, such as gas tank sending unit gaskets, carburetor mounting bolts as well as washers and brass screens for Ford glass fuel bowls.

If you need to ramp up your truck's performance, Mac's carries everything from Holley Mighty Demon carburetors to Edelbrock carbureted crate engines. We also have fuel pumps, fuel injectors and plenty of other power products that will wow everyone who peeks under the hood and leave everyone in the dust on the street.