Simple and rugged, the Ford Model T engine could run on gasoline, kerosene or grain alcohol. Though small by today's standards, this little four-cylinder engine was a real workhorse. A century later, some are still chugging away. Their rugged durability and basic simplicity are just a couple reasons why the Tin Lizzie became a hit with American consumers. It boasted sales of more than 15 million during its production run from 1909 to 1927.

A Shared History

Whether you are a classic car collector looking to restore your flivver, or you are a street rodder seeking to upgrade your T's performance, Mac's Auto Parts can supply you with all the Ford Model T air and fuel system parts. It shouldn't be surprising we stock more than a thousand of these Model T components because this vehicle is in our DNA. After all, our founder, Doug McIntosh, got his start in car restoration when he bought a 1924 Model T Touring car. Doug's first flivver was a literal basket case - most of it came in baskets - which he had to organize, mark and catalog to put everything back together the right way.

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Fortunately, the process for finding parts on our modern website is much easier. We were the first antique auto parts company to launch a fully interactive website, way back in 1998, and we have been making continual upgrades ever since.

Whether you are searching for a Model T gas tank, a Model T carburetor or another component of the fuel system for a Model T car or a Model TT truck, we make it easy to find. Just enter what you're looking for in the search box and you'll find plenty of options.

We've got you covered from the smallest replacement parts to the most ambitious upgrades. Lost your Model T fuel cap? No problem. We have great replacements. Your Model T fuel tank will thank you.

If you want to boost your Model T horsepower, check out our crate engines. Motors such as our Edelbrock engines will give your street rod awesome power to match its killer looks.