Air and fuel combine to create the controlled explosions that power internal combustion engines. Just as with humans and most living things, the right mix of air and fuel is necessary for long life and peak performance.

Mac's Auto Parts carries all the Ford Thunderbird air and fuel system parts and components you will need to keep your T-Bird running longer and stronger. We stock more than a thousand of these crucial parts and accessories for your Thunderbird. Our inventory covers T-Bird models from 1955, when the first-generation "personal luxury car" two-seater was rolled out, through 1979, when Ford sold more than 955,000 units to make seventh-gen T-Birds the biggest-selling Thunderbird generation.

Keeping It Clean

We have everything you need to keep the fuel running clean and strong to your T-Bird's power plant after you pull away from the service station from gas caps and gas tanks to replacement fuel lines, fuel pumps and in-line fuel filters. You'll want to keep the air your engine breathes as clean as possible, so we stock a range of T-Bird air filters to fit just about any model.

The Perfect Mix

To ensure air and fuel are mixed in exactly the right proportions, we stock carburetors, carburetor rebuild kits and carburetor parts to keep your car running smoothly and powerfully. You'll discover brand-new replacement carburetors designed to provide an exact fit and work with modern fuels.

Because we're devoted to providing our customers easy one-stop shopping, you can also scoop up all the air and fuel hardware and accessories you need here. These include basic necessities such as gaskets, accelerator clips, air cleaner wing nuts and everything else you need to complete a secure connection for parts during restoration or repair.