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Any car driven by James Dean in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause" is the very definition of cool. But to keep your late 1949 Mercury, or any other Ford or Mercury built until 1959, cool in real life, you can depend on Mac's Auto Parts. We carry dozens of 1949-1959 late Ford and Mercury air conditioning and heating parts to give you and your passengers the comfort you deserve throughout the four seasons.

Turning Up the Heat

We have 6-volt and 12-volt heater motors to keep your classic car's interior toasty even when it's freezing cold outdoors. Heater hose does more than just keep you and your passengers warm. If it starts leaking, it can lead to disastrous engine overheating. So we carry replacement heater hose for a happy solution.

We sell it by the foot, so you can order exactly as much or as little as you need with no waste. We also stock heater hose clamps, which you should replace when you change the heater hose. Replacement heater control cables will keep the temperature just right, while products such as our defroster hoses will ensure you can see where you're going.

Cooling It

When summer rolls around, you'll want to beat the heat with a fully functioning air conditioning system. We have all the A/C parts you need so you can keep your cool. You can find A/C compressor parts here along with ventilation air duct connector hoses and gaskets for A/C evaporator drain pans and blower housings.

If you can't find what you are looking for or have questions, we are just a toll-free phone call or email away. Our product experts will be happy to help you locate hard-to-find parts or answer any questions.