Launched in 1959, the Ford Falcon and the Mercury Comet were Ford's response to the army of smaller cars beginning to invade the United States from former enemies, including Germany and Japan. Compact and affordable, these homegrown smaller cars proved popular with American motorists. They were fun to drive and easy on the wallet.

A Historically Important Vehicle

Although the Falcon ceased production in the 1970 model year, the Falcon concept gave birth to some impressive offspring. The Ford Mustang, another fun-to-drive compact, was one hugely successful example of the approach inspired by the Comet. In keeping with Mercury's appeal to a more upscale audience, the Comet offered some additional bling, including tailfins that were fairly subtle for the times.

Thanks to their simplicity and affordability, Comets and Falcons remain popular with collectors and drivers today. Some collectors want to restore their Falcons to the way they looked when they roamed the roads back in the '60s. Others want to do a bit of hot rod upgrading to their Fords to give them their own unique looks.

Dressed to Kill

Whether you display your Falcon or Comet at car shows, take it on club rides or take it out for the occasional cruise, you want it to look its best. The first thing everyone will see is your Ford's exterior. Mac's Auto Parts carries an extensive selection of Ford Falcon and Mercury Comet body components to dress up your ride and make a good first impression wherever you take it.

Our Ford Falcon exterior trim includes a variety of door handles that will wow anyone checking out your ride. They are available in chrome or bare metal, which you can paint to match your ride's body style.

You'll discover lots of other Ford Falcon trim here to transport your ride from the ordinary to the extraordinary. License plate frames provide an easy and affordable way to customize your car, so we stock frames made from a variety of materials, including billet, chrome and stainless steel. These license plate frames are available with or without logos. You'll also find specialized license plate hardware here that will attract even more attention for your ride, such as bolts with blue or red reflectors or white LED lights.