Ford Falcon Restoration Body Parts

Anytime you need hard-to-find Ford Falcon body components, make MAC's Auto Parts the first place you look. Since 1978, we've had the most complete selection of DIY Ford parts plus the knowledge to help you install them. When working on a Ford Falcon or Mercury Comet body repair, it's easy to just think of the main panels like doors and roofs. However, many hidden parts are just as important - if not more so. These Mercury Comet restoration parts complement our selection of exterior sheet metal as part of a complete restoration or restomod.

Parts for Safety and Performance

We sell parts from leading manufacturers like Design Engineering, Dennis Carpenter and Auto Metal Direct. The most notable collection is our Ford Falcon exhaust filler panels and electrical protection. Using exhaust wrap, heat shrouds, titanium pipe shields and heat reflector tubes is a must in any vehicle. If you've recently upgraded the exhaust system, insulating against heat is even more vital. Prevent vehicle overheating, melted wire and driver burns by covering up with the right accessories.

Our body parts catalog also has a special selection of fiberglass Ford Falcon hoods and fenders. They're more durable and impact-resistant than OEM sheet metal while weighing less, which is great for modified vehicles. Other essential parts we well include food hardware, splash panels, stone deflectors and transmission tunnels.

Soar With the Best Parts & Service

MAC's Auto Parts backs our Mercury Comet body parts with a price-match guarantee, easy online searching and expert support. Call us Monday-Saturday or use live chat to speak with a sales specialist. Tech reps are also available if you need assistance with product fit and installation. We ship throughout the U.S. - and most orders are out the door within 24 hours.