The model years from 1949 to 1959 were a golden decade for the Ford Motor Company. Finally freed from the constraints of the Great Depression and World War II, the company was able to come up with some exciting new designs and added features.

Bigger, more stylish cars were built to appeal to a newly prosperous public. As returning soldiers began to start families with their brides, station wagons like the Mercury two-door and the Ford Park Lane came on the market to haul the kids, an early precursor of the passenger vans driven by busy soccer moms and dads decades later.

Modern Classics

Some of these cars had a bit of over-the-top glamour, like the '49 Mercury piloted by James Dean in the 1955 movie "Rebel Without a Cause." Many more simply performed everyday chores like commuting, taking kids to school and running errands. Nevertheless, these antique cars have become classics today.

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Searchable Online Catalog

Finding Ford-Mercury parts online here is a snap. As the first antique car parts company to offer a fully interactive website back in 1998, we have refined the online shopping experience to make it safe, easy and fast. Simply fill in your make, model and year in the dropdown box for a complete list of body components with the right fitment. You can also browse these pages, of course, and discover lots of exciting prospects.

Our Ford-Lincoln body components include replacement fiberglass hoods. These look just like the steel originals but weigh less, boosting your car's performance.

We also have inner fenders, skirts, skirt seals and hardware to keep your ride looking good or provide a custom look. You can select from a variety of heat screens, fire wrap and heat-reflective tape to protect wires, cables, tubing and other parts from radiant heat.