Ford's answer to its arch-rival Chevy's sporty Corvette, the Ford Thunderbird was marketed somewhat more sedately as a personal luxury car. First appearing in the 1955 model year as a sporty two-seater, it morphed into a bigger passenger carrier for a time and then reappeared for a final run as a two-seater before reaching the finish line in 2005.

Special Parts for a Special Car

Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we've specialized in vintage Ford parts ever since our founder, Doug McIntosh, turned his hobby into a business in his garage in Lockport, N.Y., in 1978. A car that is 40 or more years old is bound to have picked up some dings, dents and rust along the way, no matter how carefully it's been driven or cared for.

That's why we carry Ford Thunderbird exterior sheet metal and body panels for T-Bird model years running from 1955 through 1979. We can help you restore you T-Bird to its original beauty.

Bumper to Bumper

Our Thunderbird sheet metal options include nearly a hundred Thunderbird body panels and parts to make your T-Bird look better. We've got your ride covered from stem to stern.

Our body panels include quarter panels, door skin panels and fender panel sections for a professional-quality restoration. We carry T-Bird nose panels and rear quarter panels too. Many of these items are made in the U.S. of coated automotive steel for a quality solution to your rust problem.

We also carry hard-to-find parts for your T-Bird's engine compartment, like battery trays. If you don't see what you are searching for or have questions, give us a toll-free call or drop us an email for friendly advice you can count on.