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Having the right tool for the job is important. It can make the difference between a professional-level repair or restoration and hours of frustration or, worse, a botched job.

Debuting as a classy two-seater in 1955, the Ford Thunderbird was marketed as a "personal luxury car" and served as the Ford Motor Company's answer to the sexy Chevy Corvette. If you are restoring or repairing your vintage T-Bird, Mac's Auto Parts carries all the Ford Thunderbird tools and car care products you will need to do the job right.

Our Thunderbird repair tools and car care products will keep your T-Bird looking good and running right. Thanks to our huge inventory, you can find products for 1955-1979 T-Birds here.

Complete Tool T-Bird Toolbox

Our Thunderbird toolbox includes everything you will need to keep your T-Bird in tip-top shape from front to back and top to bottom. We carry universal bearing grease packer kits to apply fresh new grease to bearings while forcing the old grease out.

Up above, we have headliner installation tools to make replacing your T-Bird's headliner easier. In front, our battery cable terminal crimp tools will help ensure secure starting. Our fuse kits with fuse testers and a removal tool will help you track down and fix electrical problems.

Dashboards and Doors

You'll discover dash bezel tools here for easily removing retaining nuts for ignitions and switches on your T-Bird dashboard. Our door panel removal tools will make it easier to pop off door panels for replacement or to work on parts and hardware inside the doors.

If the finish on your T-Bird looks a little rough, check out our self-etch primers and top coats. They will make your ride look better while protecting it from the elements.

Safer Stopping

In addition to making your Thunderbird look better, we have tools to help it stop shorter. These include brake pressure bleeders and brake tube flaring tools for replacing rusted brake lines.