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MAC's Customer Photo Gallery - 1928-31 Ford Model A

1929 Model A Coupe

Owner: Bernhard Gfeller

Bernard says "Thanks!" to MAC's for the prompt supply of spare parts all the way to Switzerland. His Model A is named "Lady Rose" and she lives in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. The car is orginally from Huston, Texas and made its way to Switzerland in 1983.

1928 Ford Model AA Truck

Owner: Rogerio Seawright

Rogerio Seawright from Sao Paulo Brazil tells us his '28 AA Truck is a restored original. Work was completed in 2005.

1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Owner: Jose Amicone

Jose Amicone from Shangrila, Canelones, Uruguay spent two years restoring his beautiful '29 Model "A" Roadster.

1929 Ford Model AA Fire Truck

Owner: Paul Barkley

Paul Barkley of Mokena IL owns "Betsy," an unrestored "original" 1929 Ford "AA." Originally a coal truck, she was converted and became Mokena's very first piece of motorized fire apparatus.

1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe

Owner: Bob Eason

Pictured is a 1929 Model A Sport Coupe owned by Bob Eason from Victoria, Australia. Thank you for sending in the photos, we appreciate it!

1929 Ford Model AA Truck

Owner: Ashley Grundy

Ashley Grundy of Toodyay, Western Australia sent us this photo of his 1929 AA truck. Ashley says the truck was "found on a farm where it had been for the past fifty years. It took approximately 1200 - 1500 hours to restore between 10/99 and 12/00. It's finished in Rock Moss Green and Black."

1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Owner: Doug Hallmark Sr.

Doug Hallmark Sr. from Olla, La. writes "Here is a picture of my 29 Roadster. It was a six and half year project but worth it. Thanks for posting my picture."

1929 Ford Model AA Stakebed

Owner: Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson of Middleton, Idaho tells us - "Just wanted to comment on your nice cover of the 28-29 Model A late 2009 catalog. I appreciate you generating interest in the AA trucks! Here is a picture of mine. The only thing it needs is a windshield wiper and someone who likes to drive in parades."

Vehicle: 1929 Ford Model AA Fire Truck

Owner: Larry Martin

"MAC's, Here's the truck I've been working on for several years. It belongs to the Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Dept. in CT in which I'm a member. It was purchased new by the department in 1929 and has had two restorations. Most of the current upgrades are funded by donations and fund raisers. Sincerely, Larry Martin Lt. Co 2, Rocky Hill Volunteer FD, Rocky Hill, CT."

1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Owner: Tiago Edgar Perini

This fine "A" Tudor is owned by Tiago Edgar Perini of Brazil (State of Rio Grande do Sul, City of Caxias do Sul.) Tiago's father bought the car in 1991, and 5 years later Tiago started the restoration. "When I found Macs things started to become more easy to finish," says Tiago.

1929 Ford Model A Touring

Owner: M. Regina Pinto

M. Regina Pinto of Brotas, Brazil wrote to Macs: "I talked to you a while ago about my Great Grandfather's 1929 Ford. It was new when he got it in 1929 and has been in our family ever since. Thanks to your store and your very helpful staff (Tony and Ruth). We were able to the car work again. It looks very pretty, so I'm sending you a photo for your website."

1929 Ford Racer

Owner: Elliott and Judy Reitz

Pictured are MAC's General Manager Rick McIntosh and Elliott Reitz preparing for the Great Race, in a 1929 Model A based race car.

1929 Ford Model A Handyman Special Pickup

Owner: Mike Ryan

"It started out as a bare chassis and a dream. And with MAC'S parts and MAFCA's technical assistance it's on the road." - Mike Ryan, Felton, PA.

1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup

Owner: Craig Derks

Craig writes, "This was my dad's truck he always wanted to restore it! So in memory of him passing away in March 2010 we took the truck out of the barn and did it up right, using MAC's auto parts you can see how it turned out. I had the thrill of showing it to my mom this month, who had no clue we were restoring it. THANKS MAC'S!"

1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup

Owner: Ricardo Sigliano

Ricardo Sigliano from Argentina says hello to all his friends at MAC's, and has sent along pictures of his beautifully restored 1929 Model A Roadster Pickup.

1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Owner: Raul Bermejo

We are lucky to have so many customers all over the world with such beautiful Fords like this 1930 Model A owned by Raul Bermejo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank you for giving us a look at such a magnificent car.

1930 Ford Model A Coupe (Hot Rod)

Owner: Michael Bowling

Michael Bowling took an original steel bodied Model A Coupe and turned it into a very sharp looking street machine. It is now prowling the streets of Bayfield, MA with a little help from MAC's parts.

1930 Ford Model A Coupe

Owner: Santiago Covarrubias

Santiago Covarrubias, from Mexico City, is the proud owner of this fabulous 1930 Model A Coupe. He thanks his friends at MAC's for being part of the restoration team.

1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Owner: Ulf Vidar Gronli

Ulf Vidar Gronli tells us his beautiful 1930 Tudor was orinally sold in Denmark, 05 April 1930. "Last Danish owner purchased the car in 1973. I bought the car in 1997 and brought it to Norway in 1978. After total restoration by myself, the car was it on the road again 22 June 2002." Ulf lives in Hokksund, Buskerud, Norway.

1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Owner: Peter Helbling

Peter Helbling of Switzerland sent along pictures of his Model A Tudor Sedan and writes "the 1930 Model ‘A’ is my own since 1978, I restored it from ground up, before the Car was in Denmark".

1930 Ford Model A Roadster

Owner: Richard Kaan

Richard Kaan from the city of Graz in Austria writes, "I Saw the car at the Techno Classica in Essen/Germany, did not have time to look carefully at the car, told the old man if he would not sell his car I might be interested, but only if he drives it the 1.000 miles to my hometown on its own wheels. 3 days later he was at my door. The car is an model 1930, left hand drive and was slightly modified by us, like: cast break drums, new cable system including 10 fuses... I drive the car about 4-5.000 miles a year, participate at regularities (sometimes I win my class) and sometimes I even end them surprisingly under the first 3 over all, what drives the ferrari and porsche-drives mad..."

1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

Owner: Hans Matter

Hans Matter completed restoration of his 1930 DeLuxe Roadster in 2003. Hans lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Owner: Tom McKeown

Tom McKeown of East Berne restored and owns this beautiful 1930 Model 'A' Pickup.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Owner: Jim Ruth

Jim Ruth of Arnold, MO restored this 1930 pickup. The handsome little truck sports a Bonnie Gray body.

1930 Ford Model A Fordor Sedan

Owner: Ricardo Sigliano

Ricardo S. Sigliano sends greeting to all from Argentina, where he restored his beautiful 1930 Model "A" Ford using parts acquired from MAC'S.

1931 Ford Model A Sport Coupe

Owner: Bill Ahern

Bill Ahern of Daytona Beach, FL owns this '31 Model 'A' Sport Coupe. Owned by Bill's brother and nephew, it's been in the family for years. That 1941 Ryan (PT-22) belongs to Bill also.

1931 Ford Model A Pickup Truck

Owner: Richard Clauser

Richard Clausser of Ramona, CA restored this "A" with many parts acquired from MAC'S. "Everyone who has seen it says it's the best looking Model 'A' Pickup they've seen! It's the Genuine MAC'S Auto Parts that does it!"

1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Deluxe

Owner: Urs Emmenegger

Urs Emmenegger from Arth (near Lucerne) Switzerland has owned this 1931 Model 'A' since 1994; finished restoration in 1995. Its a Canadian built Tudor Sedan DeLuxe. Urs sends "many greetings from Switzerland."

1931 Ford Model A Fordor Sedan

Owner: Richard R. Errington

Richard R. Errington of the Village of Gainesville, NY finished restoration of this fine '31 Sedan in 2002.

1931 Ford Nostalgia Rod

Owner: Grant MacLaren

Grant MacLaren of St. Louis, MO built this "banger" with mechanical brakes and antique speed equipment -- to show the young folks of today what it was all about back in the mid-40's.

1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet

Owner: Jan McDowell

Here's a photo of a 1931 Cabriolet owned by Jan McDowell of Muskegon, MI. Jan attends the Hershey, Pennsylvania show and can see our booth from where he parks!

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

Owner: Neide Silva S Costa

This great car is located in Sao Pual, Brazil. Neide is a member of Ford Club of Sao Paulo.

1928 Ford Model AA

Owner: Grant Glascock

First Gen Model AA truck with wooden stake bed. Great example of a custom restoration.

1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe

Owner: Bob Codeglia

This car enjoyed a very well-done ground-up restoration back in 1998, with no detail overlooked, and it is now a beautiful piece of "living history" that is also a blast to drive.

1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet

Owner: Wayne McMichael

Wayne McMichael from Sarnia, Ontario owns this beauty and enjoys taking it on regular outings.

1929 Ford Pickup

Owner: Wayne McMichael

Another beauty that Wayne McMichael from Sarnia, Ontario owns and enjoys regularly as well.

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