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MAC's Customer Photo Gallery - 1909-27 Ford Model T

1914 Ford Model T Touring

Owner: Peter Helbling

Peter Helbling of Switzerland says that "the Model ‘T’ 1914 is my own since about 1988, this Car was Restored by : James Straub, Poseyville, Ind., who fitted a hand stamped Brass Plate to the Chassis frame. several Years ago I tried to find this Men, but without any chance..."

1919 Ford Model T Touring

Owner: Hans-Peter Dasen

Here we have a handsome Model T Ford owned by Hans-Peter Dasen from Zurich, Switzerland. Above is his Model "T" Ford Touring 1919 with Back Luggage flap. Photo taken Montage Bordeaux (France).

1923 Ford Model T Roadster

Owner: Stuart England

Stuart England of Harrison, Arkansas shows us the resoration of the '23 "T" he estimates to be "about 75%." He says "the upholstery was supplied by you and came out fantastic. Now I have to save for the paint job."

1923 Ford Model T Huckster

Owner: Ron Silva

Ron Silva emailed us a photo of his beautiful 1923 Ford Model T Huckster and writes "I have attached a photo of my 1923 Model T Huckster. In the event you are looking for photos for your website here is one more. I just went through the whole photo album and enjoyed looking at all of the fine cars on there. Keep up the good work."

1923 Ford Model T Touring

Owner: Peter Yeoman

Peter Yeoman sends us this beautiful shot of his 1923 Model T on location in the Bere Forest in England.

1924 Ford Model T Touring

Owner: Maxime Theric

Here's a wonderfully restored example of a 1924 Model T, courtesy of Maxime Theric from Vaucluse, France.

1926 Ford Model T Delivery

Owner: Thierry Dubois

Some of MAC's parts have made their way into this gorgeous 1926 Model wooden delivery wagon, owned by Thierry Dubois from France.

1926 Ford Model T Roadster

Owner: Richard Gillen

Richard Gillen (of Richard's Auto Body Repair in Coeur D'Alene, ID) found this 1926 Model "T" in a Montana Barn. The car was on blocks and all together. He brought it to Idaho in 1998 and completed its restoration in 2002.

1927 Ford Model T Roadster

Owner: Nelson Severinghaus

This fine looking '27 Model "T" belongs to Nelson Severinghaus of Nashville, Tennessee. The car was restored by Bob Merrill of Buena Vista, Colorado.

1927 Ford Model T Pickup

Owner: Jay Pearsall

Jay Pearsall sent us this photo of his handsome 1927 "T" Pickup. He says "It was an original delivery truck for Allied Trucking ... thus the unique orange color."

Ford Model T Roadster

Owner: Terry Oberer

Terry Oberer of Byrnes Mill, MO restored this "T" 15 years ago, sold it and bought it back in 1998. (Terry also has an "A" and a '33 Ford Tudor.)

1912 Ford Model T Commercial Roadster

Owner: Richard Downey

Restorer: John Murphy

Location: Ireland

This rare 1912 Commercial Roadster is one of only 13,376 Roadsters produced.

1913 Ford Model T Touring

Owner: Charles Dolan

Location: The Villages, FL

This 1913 touring was recently on location where the independent film "Walt before Mickey" was being shot. The film is still in production with a hoped for release date of Fall 2014.

1924 Ford Model T Roadster

Owner: Wayne McMichael

Location: Sarnia, Ontario

This 1924 Ford Model T One Door Doctor Roadster is proudly owned by Wayne McMichael of Sarnia, Ontario.

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