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This 1929 Ford Model A coupe has a wonderful life story, according to current owner Antonio Martino of Niagara Falls, NY. Antonio stopped out to MAC’s on a beautiful summer day in Lockport to pick up some new bolts for his classic baby. “I get all my parts from MAC’s. That’s one of the reasons I bought it, because I can get everything in one place at MAC’s.” Antonio is the nephew of Jake LaMotta (“The Raging Bull”) and a Model A enthusiast. He bought the car from a friend of his father’s who had over 15 cars to sell. (And you only bought one we wondered?)

A Cartouche rumble seat

Our Tillotson rebuilt carburetor

The Model A coupe had only one previous owner, Joannie, a distinguished lady from Niagara Falls. Originally, the car was burgundy with black fenders. During WWII, many women were called up to work at the local airplane factory for Bell Aerospace, producing planes for the war effort, as all the men were away serving their country. Joannie was not a “Rosie the Riveter” as many woman of her day were, but instead was upper level management at the plant. According to her family, the Army required all women in management to paint their cars “Army” green, and even put a white star on the door.  Joannie took excellent care of the car, and the top of the coupe still has the original leather. Joannie regularly used saddle soap to keep it nice and supple.

When Antonio purchased the car, it had been up on cinder blocks in a garage for almost 3 decades. The family had covered the car in grease to preserve the body and stored it away. Antonio’s Dad tinkered with the engine and got it to start “right away, but it was shooting out black smoke everywhere.” He replaced the gaskets and even upgraded to a rebuilt Tillotson carburetor. The car having a Tillotson was a real luxury of its day, Antonio tells MAC’s. “Originally, most people bought the Zenith carburetor, and you only got the Tillotson if you had some big bucks.”   Antonio has been warned to keep the Tillotson under wraps as some Model A collectors might take it right out!

The interior upholstery and rumble seat were totally redone using MAC’s Cartouche Classic Ford Upholstery.  The paint is also original to the war effort with only minor touch-ups. When you lift out the rumble seat, you can still see touches of the original burgundy. The tires are at least 70 years old, only needing new tubes from MAC’s. While they have some dry rot, Antonio likes the old time feel of them as they cruise the highways.

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