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Robert taking a break

Wow, this car has come a long way!

The 1934 Ford 4-door sedan featured above,
is owned by Robert Winter and family; from North Tonawanda, New York. The dream restoration project began back in 1981 when Robert traded a running 1941 Buick for a completely disassembled 34 Ford coupe.
(We think he got the better deal here!)

As he worked on it through the years, Robert’s family grew and grew, and when the 3rd child came along, the coupe was no longer practical because someone was going to be left at home! Out went the coupe body and in came a sedan body. For the next ten years, Robert’s wife Bridget supported the project as Robert worked on the car with the help of their 3 children, Sean, Michael & Catie.

The Winter family is grateful to Dennis Powers, Tom Biles, Tim Shields, Al Zuber, Paul Straus, Paul Hersee, James Hewitt & members of Rods Customs of Buffalo for sharing their talents to convert the pile of parts to Robert’s dream car. 

Finally, the car became roadworthy in 1991. The body, frame, hood & Potter’s trunk are original. It has a four-bar front suspension, 307 Chevy engine and 350 tranny.  An 8" Ford rear-end is mounted on semi-elliptic springs.  The body is painted Corvette Buckskin while the fenders sport Mercedes-Benz Bison Brown. Robert lives only 20 minutes from MAC’s and was a regular customer at the showroom counter, picking up new parts and planning for the future projects. Robert shopped MAC’s for the tail lights, cowl lights, brake system components, bumpers, door handles, windshield wiper rebuild kit & numerous other money saving kits.

The car has been driven to numerous shows in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. But as always with a classic, there is more work yet to be done.  The car still needs a new interior, as the money for the interior went to kitchen cabinets in the first house. The second time the upholstery cookie jar was filled, the money went for kitchen remodeling in the second house. The third time the new interior money was saved; it went to closing costs on the third house. We think the 1934 sedan will get her new upholstery now, since the grandkids need some rides for ice cream!