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As you can see, the car as come a long away!

Loading the 1909 Touring into the truck.

Some MAC's parts ready to be used

Engine Serial # 13,146 (13,146 of 15,076,231 Model T's made) Produced November 29th, 1909 at the Piquett Avenue Plant, Detroit, MI.

The McIntosh family (the owners of MAC’s) is the proud second owner of this 1909 Ford Model T Touring. The meticulously restored Touring is on display in the MAC’s showroom at 6150 Donner Road in Lockport, New York. How it arrived here is a story that begins over 100 years ago:

The Camp family originally purchased this Model T Touring in 1910. When not on the road, the Touring could be found parked in the garage of the Camp family’s clothing business located on Main St. in Newark, New York. That is where Mr. Camp left the car before leaving to serve his country during WWI. Sadly, he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

His widow however, continued to run the family business until the early 1970’s. In 1972, she received notice from the town of Newark that her building, as well as most of Main St., was going to be torn down for an “Urban Renewal” project. The 1909 Touring, untouched & undriven since her husband’s passing, had not been out of the building since Mr. Camp left for the war.

Through the old collector car grapevine, Doug McIntosh, the founder of MAC’s, had heard that a little old lady had an “old” car in her garage that she might be interested in selling. The prospect of a complete original car is every restorer’s dream. The rumor immediately piqued Doug’s interest and, curious to learn if the stories circulating about the car were true, he drove out to Newark, New York to meet with the car’s owner, Mrs. Camp.

After visiting with her for several hours, listening to her recount her favorite stories and memories of a car she hadn’t driven in 60 years, she finally agreed to let Doug see the Touring. He could immediately see it was a brass era Model T Ford, likely a 1909 due to the winged Ford script on the radiator. What followed was some exhaustive dealing and of course, sweet-talking. Once all parties agreed on a fair price, Doug purchased the car and quickly brought it back to Lockport, New York.

The car then sat for many years as Doug collected the few missing parts for the Touring’s restoration. After Doug’s passing in 1999, his sons Rob, Randy and Rick decided it would be a fitting testimony to their Dad's memory and spirit to restore the car to its original glory and display it in the showroom of the company he founded.

"The scale of restoration really needed and the huge time required to do it was not possible by the three of us,” comments Randy McIntosh, Vice President of MAC’s, “so it went to a professional restorer and over the next three years it was finished steadily - and then returned to our "new” showroom at 6150 Donner Road".

Today the car has been restored to better than original condition. The McIntosh families are very proud of the preservation and restoration work done to this jewel of American automotive engineering. This magnificent car is on display year-round for all to enjoy. Stop in and view it for yourself, and while you are in, tell us your story!

General Information on the 1909 Model T Ford

  • In 1909, Ford produced 13,851 Model T’s.
  • There were 7,728 Touring body cars made in 1909.
  • Red was an optional body color prior to 1914, after which Henry Ford advised that all cars would be painted black.
  • The diamond-tufted interior is made of leather.
  • Ford used brass trim through 1916.
  • The 30”x3” tires in front and 30”x3-1/2” in the rear are the original off-white color with no tread.
  • The open valve engine calls for frequent oiling (and makes a fair amount of mess).
  • A leather fan belt and rare Kingston “five-ball” carburetor (originally made in Buffalo, New York) are installed.
  • The brass side lamps and tail lamp used lamp oil. A Prestolite carbide generator powered the headlights.
  • An optional Stewart Speedometer is installed (goes to 60 MPH, but this car will never hit that).
  • The original price was $950.00.