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Mark has a friend who stores cars for people on his property. Whenever Mark visited his friend, he would ask about a covered car parked in the back corner of the barn. His friend would always say it was "just an old Fairlane.” A few months ago, the mysterious covered car's allure finally overtook Mark, and he had to look.

After many visits to his friend’s property over the last 15-20 years, Mark lifted the cover of the mystery car for the first time. What he found was a wonderful Fairlane 500. Mark had to have it, and after contacting the owner, the Fairlane found its way to Mark’s garage the following week.

The old Fairlane ran pretty good for an engine that had not moved for over 10 years. All it took was a new battery, fresh gas, new filters, and a little tinkering to spring the engine rumbling to life.

Mark has been cleaning the engine while he waits for his collector plates. MAC's is here for Mark, providing him over 7,200+ parts for his Fairlane. You can catch up on the parts that Mark has already grabbed for his classic in the box to the right.

MAC's is happy to help get this classic back where it belongs: on the open road!