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Nifty Fifty!

Russ Redshaw from Smock, Pennsylvania sent us a wonderful story about restoring his 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup with his son Russ, Jr. and grandson, Tyler.

Year: 1950
Make: Ford
Model: F-1
Bodystyle: Pickup
Color: Red

Back in the early 50’s my father owned three trucks, all Fords. One was a F-5, one a F-8 and a 1947 Flatbed. I can remember riding around with him delivering coal to folks in the Pittsburgh, Pa area.
He also used to take my five siblings, plus a few of the neighborhood kids and me, to the drive-in movies, in the back of the flatbed. We had great fun watching the movies while sitting in the back of the truck! This memory must have stuck in my mind, because when I could finally afford to buy a vehicle to restore I started looking for a 1950 F-1. I wanted to do the restoration myself. I found a truck just two miles from my home in 2003, bought it, drove it home and low & behold, broke down half way home and had to be towed the rest of the way! Unfortunately, due to some medical problems, I had to put the restoration on hold until the spring of 2004.

I really thought I could do a quick restoration and be driving the truck by late summer of 2004. Well, that didn’t work. I couldn’t get more than a few miles from my garage without breaking down. I finally decided a frame off complete restoration was how I would have to go with this truck. I sure got an education in the three years it took to finish this truck. To make a long story short, it came out beyond my expectations. I did everything except the final paint job, with heavy work being done by my son, Russ, Jr. and my grandson, Tyler. I also had a friend completely rebuild the engine, since it takes special tools to rebuild the V8 8BA flatheads, which I do not have.

What did you buy from MAC’s?
You name it and I bought it from MAC’s. Just to name a few, I bought carb rebuild kits, water pumps, fuel pump kits, all the wiring, seals, bearings, etc. You always seemed to have what I needed. I either rebuilt, or replaced many of my trucks parts with MAC’s parts.

Do you own any other classic cars?
Yes, this first restoration got me hooked. Since finishing my 1950 F-1 in 2007, I have restored a 1977 Chevy Nova for and with my grandson Tyler. I recently finished doing a frame off on my 1951 F-1. I now own two trucks and two cars, all V8 Flatheads, mostly original.

Final Comments?
My most recent purchase was a 1951 Mercury Sport Sedan that I plan on touring in this summer. It’s a driver, but it looks good and runs like it did in 1951.