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1932-1947 Early V8 Ford Truck Pickup Car Care, Protection, and Tools

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Hinge Pin Removal Tool Kit - Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Body

Includes instructions, heavy-duty forged steel body.

Pre-soaking the hinge pins with your preferred penetrant, along with this tool. will assist in removing those stubborn hinges.

Includes seven push pins of various diameters and lengths.

Makes a tough job easy without damaging the hinge or paint.

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$27.99 Kit

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Engine Paint - Ford Green - 1 Quart Can - Quick-Drying Enamel

Heat resistant up to 300 degrees F.

This product may appear to be very dark at application. Although colors varied, this is the correct FORD ENGINE GREEN dark green color for Ford engines from 1927-1941. According to judging standards, all engine parts correctly painted Ford Engine green must match. There is no mention of any correct green color.

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$24.99 QT

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Brake Shoe Lining Riveting Tool - Removes and Installs

Great tool, makes a tough job easier.

With detailed instructions.

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$24.99 ea.

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Gas Tank Etch - 1 Pint Bottle

Use as a prep for your tank, before applying the tank sealer (RSP22A). Removes light buildup of rust from inside the tank & leaves a gray phosphate coating. 1 pint should handle up to a 30-gallon tank. Non-Toxic & Non-Flammable, Bio-Degradable. 16 FL.OZ.

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$12.99 ea.

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Running Board Contact Cement - 1 Pint Can - Neoprene Adhesive

For rubber to metal applications, enough for one car.

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$16.99 PT

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$12.99 ea.

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Aluminum Primer - Green Zinc Phosphate - 12 Oz. Spray Can

For use on galvanized steel, aluminum, white metals & steel.

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$12.99 ea.

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California Water Blade

The original California Jelly Blade. Dry your car in 1/3 the time with this specially designed blade. It is made of super soft medical grade silicone which allows it to mold to virtually any surface, while never scratching your paint. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use. And the new detailer edge and extender tip allows you to get into all of those hard to reach places. See your beauty shine - order today!

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$25.99 ea.

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Zaino Z-7 Show Car Wash

  • 16 oz. Bottle
  • Deep Clean Your Paint
  • Restores Gloss


Zaino Z-7 Show Car Wash is a concentrated blend of special cleaners, conditioners and our famous Show Car Polish ingredients that clean and protect the gloss of painted surfaces. Z-7 Show Car Wash gently cleans your car without using harsh detergents. Plus, Z-7 special water-based lubricants buffer the paint to prevent scratching and reduce the risk of swirl marks, even on black and red cars which is not the case with other brands on the market.

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$14.99 ea.

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Zaino Z-18 ClayBar Paint Cleaner

  • Removes Embedded Contaminants
  • Works Like No Cleaner, Compound Or Chemical Can
  • Cleans &
    Prepares Paint For Show Car Polish
  • Non-Abrasive &
    Safe For All Paint Finishes
  • (2) 2 Oz. Bars


World class restaurants use an a la carte menu as does the world class Zaino Show Car Polish system from Eckler's. The exquisite combination of products gives you the wettest-looking, clearest, deepest and longest lasting finish possible on your vehicle. You begin by thoroughly cleaning your car with Zaino Z-7 Show Car Wash. After drying, remove surface contaminants using Zaino Z-18 ClayBar, misting a mixture of Z-7 and water onto the surface as a lubricant. Claying removes imbedded dust and deposits and is the ultimate way to clean and prepare the paint finish. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. Wash & dry the car once more and you're ready to start polishing. The key to the stunning Zaino "look" is being able to layer multiple coats of polish to increase protection and paint appearance. Each coat must cure before another is applied. Zaino ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator additive mixed with Z-2 PRO Z-3 and Z-5 PRO polishes allows them to be layered without waiting between coats. ZFX must be used with the initial application of the Zaino system, even on new paint. In between polish coats, spraying the car with a light mist of Z-6 Gloss Enhancer helps you buff away residue, brightens the finish and the next coat will apply even easier. And for the ultimate dazzling shine, complete the Zaino system application with Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal. Your vehicle will be so shiny that you may need sunglasses, but you'll see for yourself why the most demanding car enthusiasts worldwide use Zaino. Get the Zaino Show Car Polish system from Eckler's today!

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$29.99 ea.

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Race Ramps By Pro-Stop, Parking Guide, One

  • Makes Car Placement A Breeze
  • Will Not Skid On Any Surface
  • Can Combine Multiple For A Solid Stop Of Any Width
  • Can Permanently Drill To Floor
  • Dimensions: 17.5″l x 11″w x 2″h
  • NOTE: Also Sold As A Set Of Two Or Four


Make parking a breeze in your garage, driveway, or trailer with the Pro-Stop parking guide. No cheap plastic here: The Pro-Stop is made from recycled semi tires and grips like a tire to your floor. It holds its place even on the smoothest floors, including Swisstrax and other plastic flooring. Pre-drilled holes at the front of the Pro-Stop give you the option of permanently mounting it to the floor of your garage or trailer. You can easily link two or more together to make a solid stop as wide as you’d like.

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$27.99 ea.

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Early V8 Ford Truck Pickup car care is important for the life of your V8 Ford Truck, not to mention maintaining the fresh from the showroom look. That's why MAC's carries a complete selection of car care products for the discriminating Early V8 Ford Pickup owner. All the car care products you could need for restoration and care are right here at MAC's, the one-stop shop for Early V8 Truck owners. MAC's offers Early V8 Ford Pickup Trucks and F1 parts from 1932-1947