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1932-1947 Early V8 Ford Truck Pickup Car Care, Protection, and Tools

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Can Gun - 1 Spray Can Trigger Tool

Easily snaps onto any standard aerosol spray can. The pistol grip transforms the aerosol can into a spray gun, offering excellent control and effortless continual spraying.

It can be used with any aerosol product, including paint, lacquer, lubricant, sealer and adhesives.

USA made, designed for hours of pain-free painting.

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$7.99 ea.

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Killer Chrome Perfect Polish, Surf City Garage

  • Provides Brilliant Shine & Protection To Chrome Plated Surfaces
  • Will Remove Light Surface Rust & Tarnish
  • 8 Oz. Bottle

Just what the world needs, right? Another line of car wash, waxes and polishes. Well, yes, as long as it is the all-new Surf City Garage brand of cleaning products from Mac's! All of the Surf City Garage products are specifically designed for use on fine classics and muscle cars. This line of top-quality car care products was developed by a car guy just like you and me. They were developed as a result of his frustration at not being able to obtain just the right washes, waxes and polishes for his personal car collection. The cleaning and car care products from Surf City Garage and Mac's are exactly what you would develop for your cars if you were able to custom design them for your own classic. All of the Surf City Garage products are packaged in attractive containers with images of cars on them - cars just like yours and mine. If we have not convinced you yet, how about this: We use these fine products on our own classic cars and we love them! So, no more using the car care products available at the auto parts store or grocery store on your classic ride. Try the full line of products from Surf City Garage and Mac's, you will love them!
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$11.99 ea.

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Interior Detailer Spray, Dash Away, Surf City Garage

  • Spray On For Super-Fast Cleaning

  • Cleans Carpet, Cloth, Vinyl &

  • 24 Oz. Spray

Surf City Garage Dash Away Interior Detailer Sprays are designed to get a quick and easy cleaning for the interior of your prized Corvette. These sprays can also be used on carpet, cloth, vinyl and smooth leather due to its incredible effect and total safety. They offer a powerful UV ray protectant and are easy to use. Trust MAC's for all your restoration needs.  

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$10.99 ea.

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No Mess Funnel

  • A Must Have For Engine Work

  • Patented Ball And Hook Shut Off Valve

  • Keeps Fluid Spills In Check

It's happened to all of us. You're in the garage topping off the fluids in you nice, newly rebuilt engine. Suddenly you realize the the reservoir is full and so is your funnel. So what do you do now? MAC's has the perfect solution. We are pleased to offer Proform's unique no mess funnel. This funnel features a patented ball and hook shut off that eliminates messy spills. Just lift the funnel and the shut off engages. You'll never worry about overspills making a mess of your engine again with Proform's no mess funnel from MAC's & Dearborn Classics.

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$8.99 ea.

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Early V8 Ford Truck Pickup car care is important for the life of your V8 Ford Truck, not to mention maintaining the fresh from the showroom look. That's why MAC's carries a complete selection of car care products for the discriminating Early V8 Ford Pickup owner. All the car care products you could need for restoration and care are right here at MAC's, the one-stop shop for Early V8 Truck owners. MAC's offers Early V8 Ford Pickup Trucks and F1 parts from 1932-1947