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1932-1947 Early V8 Ford Truck Car Cleaning Products and Protectants

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POR-15® One Gallon OEM Bed Liner Truck Bed Coating

  • Waterproof & Stain Resistant

  • Easy Clean Up With Soap & Water

  • Prevents Chips & Scratches

  • Permanently Flexible & Impact Resistant

  • Protect And Preserve Areas Prone To Impact & Abrasion

  • 1 Gallon Container, Will Cover A 6' Bed

  • Textured Semi-Gloss Black Finish

POR-15® OEM Bed Liner is formulated to provide professional results and performance in a DIY system that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. POR-15® OEM Bed Liner is a water-based, rubberized coating ideal for protecting truck beds, and all other metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood surfaces that are exposed to impact and scuff related environments. Formulated with POR-15® rust preventive technologies POR-15® OEM Bed Liner offers superior adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility, as well as an attractive, textured semi-gloss black finish that provides the ultimate in truck bed protection. POR-15® OEM Bed Liner is UV stable and will resist damage typically caused by exposure to UV. POR-15® OEM Bed Liner is a low-odor product that can be cleaned up with soap and water and does not have a limiting pot life. Any unused product can be resealed in its container and used later for touch-up or on other projects. For the ultimate in protection apply over POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating.

NOTE: Suitable for use on metal truck beds, tool boxes, fiberglass, tractor beds, rocker panels, wood, aluminum, trailers, metal, boat docks, running boards, van floors, floor pans & More!

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$110.99 GL

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POR-15 Top Coat Paint, Gallon, Assorted Colors

  • Prevents Rust By Protecting Against Moisture
  • No Need For Primer Or Undercoat
  • Can Be Applied Directly To A Clean Prepared Metal Surface
  • Will Not Chip, Crack, Or Peel
  • Use Over POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating For 
    The Ultimate In 

POR-15®  Top Coat  may be applied directly to a clean prepped metal surface but, when used as a top coat over POR-15®  Rust Preventive Coating it provides the toughest, most permanent protection against rust and corrosion ever developed. It won’t crack, chip or peel and will look terrific!  We offer multiple colors in aerosol cans, pints, quarts, and gallons.  Using  POR-15® will prepare your ride for whatever Mother Nature and Father Time can dish out!
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$118.99 ea.

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POR-15® 2K Urethane Paint, Gallon, Assorted Colors

  • A Tough, Glossy 2-Part Coating For Use Over Primed Or Painted Surfaces
  • Exposure To Moisture And Humidity Will Actually Improve The Performance And Strength
  • Designed For Commercial And Industrial Use
  • Great For Chassis And Other Surfaces Requiring Extreme Durability
  • Will Not Chip, Crack, Or Peel With Age
  • Use Over POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating For 
    The Ultimate In 

These beautiful, two-component coatings from POR-15® are stronger than any color paint you have ever tried. The long-lasting brilliant colors will look terrific wherever you use them, and will withstand incredible abuse. You'll be amazed and delighted at how well 2K Urethane paints hold up under conditions that would quickly destroy ordinary finishes. When fully cured, 2K Urethane Paints are a rock-hard, chemical resistant, non-porous, and incredibly tough coating. Durable and easily cleaned, they will not crack, chip, peel, or fade with age. 2K Urethane Paints will withstand even the most intensive UV environments. They are moisture cured, so exposure to moisture and humidity will actually improve their performance and strength. It is available in quart and gallon (when the two parts are mixed) sizes.  Using  POR-15® will prepare your ride for whatever Mother Nature and Father Time can dish out!
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$201.99 ea.

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POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer - 1 Gallon

  • Impervious To All Fuels

  • Does Not Contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone

  • Non-Flammable

  • Environmentally Safe

POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer was formulated and developed their own laboratories due to the demand for a high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have a high alcohol content. POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer has superior strength and fuel resistance, and does not contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone, a highly flammable and deadly carcinogen (cancer-causing). POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer is non-flammable and is environmentally safe. 


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$113.99 GL

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POR-15® Self Etch Primer - 1 Gallon


  • Developed Specifically To Topcoat Other POR-15® Finishes
  • Quick Drying And Easy-To-Apply
  • Cover With POR-15® Topcoats, Lacquers, Enamels, and Two-Component Finishes
  • May Be Topcoated After Only 15-30 Minutes
  • Not A High-Build Primer

In response to many customer inquiries requesting a quick drying and easy-to-apply coating which enables a restorer to quickly topcoat POR-15® and other basecoats, this POR-15® Self-Etch Primer was developed.  With this product, you can even topcoat POR-15® that's been in place for months or years.  POR-15® Self-Etch Primer is NOT a high-build primer, like POR-15's High Build Primer, but it can be sprayed or brushed on almost any painted surface then can be topcoated in 15-30 minutes. It bonds incredibly well to POR-15® Rust Preventive Paint, and all topcoats bond incredibly well to POR-15® Self-Etch Primer. It can be sanded lightly, and if desired multiple coats may be applied.  
We strongly recommend this fine product, which is available in pints, quarts, and gallons, as well as a large aerosol spray (15 ounces). In situations where you are topcoating a very old POR-15® finish, we first recommend a light sanding with any 280 to 320 grit paper to promote thorough etching. 

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$199.99 GL

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Protect your vintage Early V8 Ford Pickup Truck from the elements with our lowest-price guaranteed cleaning and protection products. We have scoured the industry and found some very effective and innovative supplies. MAC's Antique Auto Parts offers you everything from vinyl restorers, microfiber and chamois cloths, water blades, even gas tank protectants! Your classic is a point of pride for you, so keep it shining like a new penny, inside and out, for the lowest price around.