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Ignition System Parts for Early V8 Ford

When it's time to fire up your classic Ford flathead or Mercury Eight, you can confidently turn the key thanks to these early V8 Ford ignition components. In any gas-powered car, you need a working ignition system. This is what lights the air-fuel mixture so it burns and creates energy. Without an ignition, the car will just be gathering dust in the garage.

Restore or repair an early Ford Mercury ignition system by shopping at MAC's Auto Parts. Here you'll find the right ignition parts for the first generation of vehicles with flathead V8 engines. If you need a 1937 Ford distributer, Ford flathead V8 ignition coil or Mercury Eight spark plugs, we have them in stock and ready to ship. These parts meet or exceed OEM specifications to produce a lasting spark.

Igniting Ford Power

We carry an assortment of factory-fit Ford Mercury ignition components along with performance parts for the hot rod community. In addition to an original model Ford Flathead distributor, you can also get distributors to install on common crate engines like the 289 and 351. Advanced tuners will want a flathead distributor with mechanical advance, which is designed for high-speed applications. Your system still needs a spark to distribute, so produce one with 1932-48 Ford ignition coils, condensers, spark plug wires and hardware that are ready for the road.

MAC's Antique Auto Parts published our first V8 Ford & Mercury parts catalog in 1989. Since then, we have continued to expand our offerings through partnerships with brands such as Dennis Carpenter, Standard Motor Products, Drake Industries and United Pacific. Our early V8 Ford ignition system selection is unmatched, and we back them with fast shipping and five-star service. As part of the Eckler's family, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every order.