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Whether your usually reliable Ford truck won't start or you are getting ready to give it a tune-up for better performance and fuel economy, Mac's Auto Parts has all the Ford truck ignition system parts and components you will need. We carry an inventory of nearly 200 of these ignition components.

Huge Inventory, Wide Selection

That means you can find what you need, whether you are shopping for ignition parts for America's most popular vehicle, the Ford F-250 pickup, or hard-to-find ignition system parts for older models like the F-100. You can locate ignition components for Ford trucks going all the way back to 1932.

As the first antique auto parts company to go online with a fully interactive website way back in 1998, we make it easy to shop safely, securely and quickly online. Simply enter your make, model and year in the dropdown box above. You will see a selection of ignition parts that will fit your Ford perfectly.

Premium Parts

You'll find everything you need here to make your truck start reliably and run smoothly and efficiently. We carry genuine Motorcraft spark plugs as well as spark plug wires to keep your engine running at peak performance.

You'll also discover a wide selection of Ford truck distributor caps and rotors here. In addition, we offer new and rebuilt distributors.

If you're sick and tired of changing the points on your vintage Ford truck, our ignition kits with coils offer you the easy alternative of a solid-state ignition. Available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, these kits will dress up your engine compartment while saving you time and hassles.

You'll also find everything you need to work with your ignition here, like coil brackets, self-adhering tape and distributor cap rivets.