Every gearhead knows that no matter how sweet a vehicle may look on the outside, it's what's under the hood that really counts. For automobiles, beauty really is more than skin deep. That's why Mac's Auto Parts offers dozens of engine compartment parts and supplies .

The Ford and Mercury cars and trucks produced from 1949 to 1959 featured refined styling atop a new integrated steel structure advertised as a "lifeguard body." The beloved Ford flathead V-8 continued until 1954, when it was replaced by an overhead valve Y-block unit. Many vehicles could be ordered with Ford V-8 engines or six-cylinder engines. The decade saw Ford roll out such models as the Crestliner sports sedan, the Country Squire Woodie wagon and the Galaxie. The new lines launched by scion Henry Ford II after his grandfather's death in 1947 proved popular with the public. Some said that Ford's new rollouts helped the company pull back into close competition with its arch rival, General Motors.

These cool cars are as popular with collectors, enthusiasts and hot rodders today as they were with the general public in the 1950s. Whether you want your late Ford or Mercury to look better or go faster, we can help.

Paint Your Wagon

You'll find all the engine paints you need here to make anyone linger when they look under your vintage car's hood, whether they're gas jockeys checking the oil or spectators at a car show. Available in 12-ounce spray cans as well as pint, quart or gallon cans, these paints come in cool colors, such as silver cadmium, Mercury V-8 green and Ford red-orange.

Powerful Performers

To keep your vintage Ford or Mercury running the way it should, we also stock lots of engine components. These include tensioner upgrade kits to handle the increased horsepower supplied by Edelbrock supercharger systems made before February 2013. We also have other necessities for under the hood, including front and rear motor mounts, supercharger pulleys and belts for fans, generators and water pumps.