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Late Ford Truck Engine Restoration

Shop at MAC's Auto Parts when you need engine parts and components to get your Ford truck rumbling again. Late Ford truck powerplants have evolved greatly over the decades - in some cases, like the latest F150 trucks, there are as many as six factory engine options available. What hasn't changed is that, since 1978, our team has been helping Ford truck enthusiasts restore and modify their motors. We're a one-stop shop for F150 engines, F100 engine parts, flathead V8 engine dress-up and everything between.

Authentic Ford Engine Parts

Our catalog has more than a thousand Ford engine components for sale. These high-quality engine parts include crankshafts, camshafts, valves, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and pulleys to rebuild your power plant. There's also an assortment of oil pans, gaskets, bearings, plugs and other accessories. Use the "Add My Vehicle" tool or Generations filter to find parts that are a factory fit. All parts meet or exceed official Ford restoration standards.

Ford Truck Crate Engines

Some people just want to put an engine in the bay and go. For them, we offer late Ford truck crate engines from Edelbrock. Many of them are based on the motors originally used in the truck model, such as the 351 Windsor and carbureted LS 416. There are also aftermarket designs like the 347 Stroker. A pre-assembled is also a great option for replacing a 4-cylinder or V6 truck engine with a more powerful V8.

Support from Engine Experts

Questions abound when replacing or rebuilding an engine - even among those who've done it before. The MAC's Auto Parts tech reps are available Monday-Friday by phone or seven days a week via email. They'll answer all your questions about fitment, ordering and installation. We back them with a price-match guarantee and no-risk 60-day return policy.