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Upholstery Vinyl - Black Madrid - 54" Wide - Sold By The Yard

  • Popular Madrid Grain Vinyl Used For Many Applications
  • Each Section Will Be 54" Wide
  • Each Interval You Select Will Be 36" Long

Madrid grain vinyl is the most often seen vinyl used in original and custom interors with vinyl surfaces.  This version has sturdy construction that will wear well while still conforming to the different shapes and dimensions most restorers need.  The 54" width is standard, and the length cut is up to you.  If you select a quantity of 1 you will get a piece that is 54" wide by 36" long.  If you select a quantity of 2 you will get a piece that is 54" wide by 72" long.  A quantity of 3 will be 54" wide by 108" long, and so on.  You can count on MAC's to supply what you need to complete your project the way you want it!
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$21.95 YD

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Vinyl Yardage - Choose Color And Grain

  • Original Grain &

  • Matches 
    Many Of Our Interior Kits From Distinctive Industries

  • Cut From A 54" Wide Roll 


    This vinyl yardage is useful when other vinyl interior items need to be reupholstered in your vehicle, and you have already purchased seat upholstery from us. Each yard length (36") comes off of a 54 inch wide roll.  Selecting a quantity of 1 will get you a 36"x54" piece.  Selecting a quantity of 2 will get you a 72"x54" piece.  Selecting a quantity of three will get you a 108"x54" piece, and so on.

    It's important to mention that this material is new, so it won't match any original material in your car.  Time and the elements change those colors quite a bit.  Each new roll of material also has a slight difference in shade, so if you purchased your interior kit some time ago this material may not exactly match that.  Not to worry though, since the factory didn't offer exact matches in the interior either.

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    $39.99 ea.

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    Carpet, Sold By The Yard, Matching Color Carpet, 72" Wide

    • Yard Length Of Carpet
    • Each Quantity Ordered Will Be 72" Wide And 36" Long
    • Specify 80/20 Loop Or Cut Pile


    We offer carpet by the yard.  You can choose from any color listing to match your interior.  Be sure to specify if you want 80/20 Nylon Loop or Nylon Cut Pile.  Each 'quantity' ordered will be 72" wide and 36" long.  If you want a piece of carpet that is 72" wide and 72" long specify a quantity of 2.  For a piece 72" wide and 108" long specify a quantity of 3, and so on.
    We offer free sample cards that are identified by number or letter, and are highly recommended by MAC's.  The best way to ensure you get the right material is by viewing a sample card before you place your order. Our sample cards display the material, pattern, and color options we offer.

    NOTE: Due to vendor material shortages we must temporarily limit carpet yardage sales to one yardlength per order.  This is expected to be resolved by mid-June 2020.  We will remove this note when it is.  Until that time please do not change the quantity from the number one.  Orders for other amounts will have to be canceled. 

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    $143.99 YD

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