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Ford Model T & TT Parts 1909-27

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1915-1927 Model T Magneto Coil Winding Insulator Set - 16 Pieces

  • 16 insulators

  • Necessary when rebuilding magneto coil

  • Go between coil winding &
    steel plate

  • For use with single or double stack coils

  • Made in the USA


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$17.99 Set

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1919-1927 Model TT Truck Rear Spring Shackle Set

  • With steel bushings, castle nuts &
    cotter pins

  • One set does both sides


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$194.99 Set

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ZDDPlus Oil Additive, 4 Oz. Bottle

  • ZDDPlus Oil Additive
  • Restores ZDDP (ZINC) To Optimum Level
  • Significantly Reduces Camshaft Wear
  • Compatible With All Modern Oils
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Add 4 oz Bottle Every Oil Change
  • A Must For Early Flat Tappet Engines

Today's readily available motor oil is formulated specifically for new cars and their rocker arms. An additive, ZDDP (zinc), has been reduced over the years to a level now where using modern oil in a flat tappet equipped engine can cause excessive wear on your camshaft. ZDDPlus Restores ZDDP (ZINC) to the optimum level, which existed when your classic car was designed. Adding a 4 oz. bottle each time you change your oil will significantly reduce camshaft wear. It's compatible with all the new formula, high quality oil, so add ZDDPlus to your oil routine and give your engine the protection it deserves.

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$9.95 ea.

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Percy's High Performance Wheel & Tire Fitment Tool

  • Fits 4 &
    5 Lug Applications

  • Simulates Tire Profile
  • 15" To 30" Wheel Diameters
  • 6" to 11-1/8" Wheel Width
  • Perfect Tool To Help You Decide Wheels For Your Ride!



This revolutionary new tool for wheel and tire installers allows you to get a perfect fit the first time and every time. It eliminates costly returns and delays due to an improperly specified wheel. This tool bolts onto the vehicle's hub to precisely simulate bolt pattern, wheel diameter, wheel width, backspacing, and tire profile. It also allows the installer to check a number of different sized wheels and tires without the expense or hassle of having multiple sizes of wheels and tires on hand.


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$79.99 ea.

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