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If one of the gauges on your dashboard isn't working, you're essentially flying blind. It's smart to replace any broken or malfunctioning gauge as soon as possible.

Besides keeping your rig in tip-top order and preserving its value, replacing broken gauges can prevent a variety of problems. A broken speedometer could lead to getting pulled over by a state trooper or your friendly local motorcycle cop. If your truck's temperature gauge isn't working, your engine could overheat, leading to serious repair bills or even a hefty cash outlay for purchase and installation of a new engine.

The Right Fit and Look at the Right Price

Finding the correct gauge that fits right and doesn't put a significant dent in your wallet can be a challenge, especially if you own a vintage or antique Ford truck. Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we are here to help.

We make it easy to find all the Ford truck dash gauges and parts you need. We carry gauges for Ford trucks dating back to 1932 as well as late-model Ford trucks through 2014.

As America's best-selling vehicle for the past four decades, the Ford F-150 pickup generates high demand for replacement parts. F-150 temperature gauges are available here as well as complete gauge sets for F-100 trucks.

We carry Ford truck instrument clusters in a variety of finishes, including silver, black and carbon fiber style, to give your ride's interior a great look. After all, as the driver, you will be spending a lot of time looking at your dash and its gauges, so you might as well make the view as pleasing as possible.

We also stock all the dash gauges parts, accessories and supplies you will need to keep your gauges working right. These include speedometer cable hold-down brackets, 12V-to-6V voltage reducers and red needle paint for instrument cluster gauges.