After company founder Henry Ford died in 1947, the Ford Motor Company took a new direction under his grandson Henry Ford II. One notable change was in Ford's lineup of pickup trucks.

The year 1948 marked the start of Ford's incredibly successful F-series. More than 70 years later, this line of tough trucks is still going strong. In fact, it has been the best-selling pickup in the U.S. for nearly half a century.

Huge Inventory

Whether you own a 1948 F-1, F-2 or F-3 or a 2021 F-150, a Super Duty or a popular SUV, such as the Ford Explorer, Mac's Auto Parts carries all the late Ford truck interior hardware to keep your pickup's interior looking its best and operating right. Our selection of Ford F-150 interior replacement parts includes a wide range of basic hardware. You'll find all the fasteners you need here, such as interior trim screws, door panel clips, glove box foot latch striker plates and door clips. In addition to individual screws, we offer complete interior trim screw sets.

We also offer a full range of those hard-to-find Ford truck interior replacement parts that will put the finishing touches on a restoration or make a practical as well as aesthetic replacement for a broken, worn or missing part. You'll discover all kinds of knobs here, such as cigar lighter knobs, choke knobs, throttle knobs and glove box knobs.

Our ignition switch cylinder and key assemblies will get your repair project off to a good start, whether you're working on a '48 Ford pickup or a later model. If your Ford truck has vent windows, you can find vent window handles here for the right and left sides that look great and fit right.