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The years from 1932 to 1948 spanned some truly tumultuous times. Despite a global economic depression and a world war, the Ford Motor Company continued to soldier on, slashing production and firing workers to survive through the 1930s and contributing to the war effort in the '40s by building bombers and other military vehicles.

Starting with a Bang

The era from 1932 to 1948 kicked off with the Ford Model 18. Equipped with a one-piece cast V-8 engine, this was the first affordably priced V-8 automobile. It brought the power and smoothness of V-8 engines to the masses - at least to those who still had any money under their mattress during one of the worst economic disasters in history.

Other notable moments during this period of Ford history included the introduction of a lineup of Lincoln Zephyr luxury automobiles in 1936 and the establishment of the Mercury division in 1939. In 1947, a year before the end of this era, company founder Henry Ford died. His grandson Henry Ford II took the reins and began moving the company in new directions, rolling out innovations, such as the long-lived F series of trucks in 1948.

Beauty More than Skin Deep

Thanks to their powerful engines, roomy interiors and sloping lines, these classic cars from a bygone era have become incredibly popular with collectors and restorers. Powered by the V-8, they also make great street rods. Whether you are restoring your '32-'48 Ford or Mercury for exhibition or are upgrading your Ford hot rod for the ultimate in street performance, the way a car looks on the inside is just as important as how it looks on the outside. Mac's Auto Parts carries an extensive inventory of early Ford/Mercury interior kits for models made in these years.

You'll find upholstery kits here to cover everything from a rumble seat to an entire vehicle. We can provide kits for all the classics from this era, including the Ford Phaeton. Made in the U.S. and providing authentic looks, these kits include fitted seat covers, interior panels, seat riser carpets and padding for springs. These kits come with hardware and instructions but do not include trunk panels, floor mats and floor carpets.

Most kits are made to order, so allow extra time for manufacture and delivery. It's wise to review free sample cards before you order to ensure a perfect look. You can also get rumble seat kits for such models as coupes, roadsters and cabriolets.