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MAC's Antique Auto Parts, Inc. offers three levels of pricing:

Level 1

Retail through MAC's Antique Auto Parts, Inc. This is the current price in our computer system.

(Note: The printed catalog and online catalog prices are subject to change without notice.)

Level 2

10% courtesy discount off the Retail price (see above) as listed or presented by MAC's Antique Auto Parts, Inc.

This discount is available to any valid rebuilder, shop, etc., that can fax or mail us three documents to the attention of Jon Laverty:

  1. A letter on company stationery expressing your interest in obtaining the "10% Courtesy Discount" on all future orders.
  2. A legible copy of your Federal or State license or resale certificate. We will not offer a discount to any customer or company that does not have a legitimate business license or certificate.
  3. A copy of some form of advertising. Could be the yellow pages or Hemmings or something that shows you are a valid company in the eyes of the public consumer.

If you cannot generate these three documents please do not ask for a discount.

It can take us 24-72 hours to get the information in our system. Also, you should always mention to the order takers or when faxing in an order something like "I am a 10% Discount Customer."

If approved for our Level 2 discount, please do not order until you receive confirmation by fax, email or post that your Level 2 discount has been established. We are not responsible for orders placed prior to discount approval and will not issue credit for orders placed or invoiced prior to confirmation approval date.

Level 3

This is MAC's dealer program. To become a dealer there are forms and applications that must be filled out. (See below for how to mail or fax a request for the 12 page information packet, or sign up online).

It takes on average 3-4 weeks to get through all the hoops and become approved.

Note: You must be a legitimate business (possess Federal or state resale or business licenses) to become a dealer. We do check references of suppliers and banks.
If you are not legitimate please do not attempt to apply.
We do reserve the right to review accounts.

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