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The History of Mac & Cam

Mac & his trouble making companion Cam

Some of the first drawings of Mac

The History of Mac & Cam

Raised in an auto repair shop, Mac was helping change oil while his folks were still changing his diapers. As a young boy, Mac absorbed everything that happened in the shop, learning the latest in automotive technology as well as the oldest “shadetree mechanic” wisdom. Long before he was tall enough to prop-up a hood, Mac learned to read from studying a MAC's Model T catalog in the shop. While other kids spent their summers swimming or at the local baseball diamond, Mac took to scouring the junkyards on the edge of town. He was always on the lookout for parts for the antique Fords he had come to adopt and restore in his spare time.

You might say that Mac’s first car, a long abandoned Model T Ford, was also his first love affair. He spent years painstakingly restoring his beloved Touring, and it remains his pride and joy to this day. By the time Mac had begun to restore his Tin Lizzie, he was spending less time in junkyards and becoming a familiar face at the counter of MAC's Antique Auto Parts. It was in the parking lot of MAC's where he met Cam.

A dog with a nose for Fords, it was uncanny how Cam (Funny, that is Mac backwards!) never failed to lead Mac in the right direction, sniffing-out only the best quality parts and deals in MAC's catalogs. One afternoon, after a successful treasure hunt in the new Model A catalog , Cam followed Mac home and took-up residence in Mac's reliable parts chaser, a ‘48 Ford F1 Pickup.

Mac & Cam continue their search for only the finest parts and restoration materials for antique and classic Fords and Mercurys. Be on the lookout for the inseparable pair, whether under the hood, over the junkyard fence, or around the next page, you can count on Mac and Cam to be chasing down the best deals for all things Ford and Mercury.

Mac and Cam dream about Ford parts