Late Ford Mercury Weatherstripping

Prepare your old-school beauty for any weather with products and service from MAC's. No one sets out to drive their full-size Ford or Mercury in the rain, but sometimes you can't help but get caught in a downpour. Weatherstripping keeps water and wind outside the car so it can't drip all over the cabin. These seals also help with climate control and block some of the outside noise. We have Ford Mercury body seals for the Monterey, Marauder, 300, Galaxie Starliner and other famous nameplates from the 1960-72 model years. They are a true OEM fit that meets or exceeds original factory performance.

Seal Your Full-Size Ford Interior

All the cabin restoration work you've done will look better for longer when you have good weatherstripping. A complete late Ford weatherstripping kit contains the standard pieces needed for exterior protection. You can also buy individual Ford Mercury body seals. There are window felts and channels, trunk weatherstrips, windshield seals, headlight gaskets, roof seals, hood bumpers…you'd be surprised how many cracks need closing! The seals are made of rubber and other flexible materials that conform to metal surfaces so they become airtight. Interior molding and seals are also available to form a second barrier in case water slips through.

High-Quality Ford Mercury Weatherproofing

When you take proper care of a classic Ford, it will look and drive as good as the day it came off the factory floor. DIY weatherstripping kits from MAC's Auto Parts are big part of that care. We sell body seal remover and adhesive to replace the ragged old weatherstripping cleanly. Having worked on cars for decades, we know you can't afford to wait weeks for parts to arrive. That's why MAC's has a massive warehouse filled with Ford restoration parts. More than 90% of them ship within 24 hours with a Price Match Guarantee.