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Produced from 1955 to 2007, the Ford Thunderbird began with a sporty two-seater. Marketed as a personal luxury car, ensuing iterations included four-seaters and a variety of body designs and power plants.

Keeping Your T-Bird Dry and Clean

Vintage cars like the Thunderbird are popular at car shows, for club rides or simply for strutting your stuff. If you own a classic Ford T-Bird, there's no reason to let the weather rain on your parade. Mac's Auto Parts carries a lineup of Ford Thunderbird weather stripping and hardware that will keep your Ford's interior dry and clean, combating potential mold, mildew and other problems.

We carry these products for the first seven generations of Thunderbird, covering the model years from 1955 through 1997. You'll discover Thunderbird seal products here like roof rail seal kits and windshield seals to keep the interior as well as you and your passenger or passengers high and dry.

Total Weather Solutions

If you're contemplating a total restoration for your T-Bird, we stock complete weather strip kits for convertibles as well as hardtops. Designed for specific models, these kits come with everything you need to make your classic Thunderbird water-tight. We also carry body and trunk drains to draw moisture away from your car's interior.

We have all the hardware and accessories you need for a successful installation. These include products like seal drive nails, window motor mounting grommets and a variety of washers and gaskets.

You can also find all the weather strip adhesives, sealants and removers you need here. That means you can get everything you need here in one easy, secure and affordable online shopping experience.