If you are one of the lucky few who own an original Model A Ford, you don't just go down to your local big-box store or tire merchant when it's time for a new set of tires. The tires for these vehicles are as special as these classic antiques themselves.

Fortunately, Mac's Auto Parts is here with an easy solution. We offer an extensive selection of Ford Model A wheels, tires and parts for 1928-1931 Model A cars and trucks.

The Right Look, Fit and Performance

Ever since our founder, Doug McIntosh, began restoring a Model T in his garage back in the 1970s, we've specialized in one car brand and one car brand only. We can get you Model A tires, wheels and hardware that fit right, look right and work right.

Thanks to our extensive selection of Model A wheels and tires, you can take advantage of one-stop shopping here. Available in blackwall or whitewall versions, our Model A Ford tires will look perfect on your classic car.

All the Best Brands

You'll find all the premium brands here, like Firestone, BFGoodrich, Lucas, Lester and more. In addition to tires, we stock Model A inner tubes. Made from modern materials, they offer a perfect fit but are less prone to failure than the originals. That can be especially important for vehicles that sit a long time, as many hobby vehicles do.

Wheels for the World

We also carry Model A wheels. These reproduction wire wheels will give your rig an authentic look.

You can find all the wheel and tire accessories you need here too. Good-looking as well as practical, they will draw lots of attention at car shows, club rides or anytime you take your precious ride out in public. These products include eye-catching items like chrome lug nuts, stainless steel hubcaps and chrome valve stem caps.