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Ford Model T Restoration Tires

Even car newbies know you need some good tires to make it out of the garage. Model T tires from MAC's Auto Parts are exactly what enthusiasts need for an OEM restoration. These tires and accessories are manufactured following original factory standards. At the same time, modern radial tire technology makes them more durable and handle better. This combination will keep your Model T on the road for many more years.

MAC's Auto Parts was born in 1978 from a love of Model T restoration. We make more than two dozen Model T Ford tires and accessories that conform to official Ford restoration standards. Coker Tire is also a proud partner that supplies many other products. They've been making Model T reproduction tires and other products for the collector vehicle community since 1958.

Tin Lizzy Tire Store

Replacement Model T tires are available that span the entire two-decade run of this historic vehicle. Model T 30x3 tires and 30x3.5 tires fit most early variants, including the Roadster, Tourabout and Torpedo Runabout. For the 1925-1927 model years, pick up some Model T 440/450-21 balloon tires. A pair of 600x20 rear tires are factory stock for the Model T flatbed truck. We have modern blackwall tires and vintage Model T whitewall tires to show off your restored beauty.

When making the tire, we also match the tread pattern and sidewall of OEM brands. You can get reproduction Model T Firestone tires, Goodrich tires, US Royal tires, Lester tires and other styles popular in their heyday. The latest Model T tire accessories such as inner tubes, demountable rims, valve stems and dust covers are in stock and ready to ship. Email us seven days a week for assistance with your restoration. We help DIYers before and after the sale so they can feel the same joy from driving their Model T as our founder did.