Studies tell us many folks get their first impressions of us by judging our shoes. This makes sense. You wouldn't go on a job interview, big date or other important event wearing a suit and a pair of tennis shoes, would you?

The same goes for cars. Many eyes are automatically drawn to an automobile's tires and wheels. Thus it's important to get the right set of tires for the vehicle you drive.

Classic Looks for a Classic Car

It's even more important if you are lucky enough to own and drive a classic car, such as the Ford Thunderbird. Since 1955, when Ford first rolled out the model in response to Chevy's groundbreaking Corvette, this personal luxury car has mixed equal parts of elegance, refinement and sportiness. Like fine wine, the appeal of the T-Bird has only increased with age.

Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we stock dozens of Ford Thunderbird tires. These tires are designed to fit right, look good and provide great handling and traction. We stock tires for the first seven generations of the Thunderbird through 1979, providing T-Bird owners lots of options.

Famous Makers

You'll find tires here from famous brands, including BFGoodrich and Goodyear. We stock many tires that look like the originals but provide the benefits of radial tires, such as great gas mileage and improved durability. You get that nostalgic look without the headaches of the bias-ply tires that came with many T-Birds when they first rolled off the assembly line.

If you choose radials, remember that putting them on all four wheels will provide the best performance. Never mix radial and non-radial tires on the same axle.